Enjoy a most agreeable bike ride whilst bedecked in your finest bespoke tweed.

San Jose Tweed Run 2013!

San Jose’s Tweed Run springs forward on Friday, May 3, 2013.

Meet in front of San Jose Museum of Art at 7pm. 


San Jose Tweed Run 2012!

San Jose’s Fall Tweed Run shall commence November 4, 2012.

Meet in front of San Jose Museum of Art at 4pm


theoriginallink86 asked: lets get a ride going! just moved to san jose this summer and i was fortunate enough to do the sf tweed summer ride a while back, but lets get something going even closer to home!

Absolutely! Fall 2012 SJTR coming soon!

porte asked: Will you have a Fall Tweed run?

Yes! San Jose’s Fall Tweed Run shall be announced shortly. Thank you for your interest!




joecraftsman asked: Thank you for organizing and leading the outing you are a gentleman and a scholar. Looking forward to the Fall Run. Please let me know if you need help organizing the next ride. The company of all on the ride made for a splendid afternoon.

Our thanks to you for the support! We will definitely keep you posted!


egwv asked: Thank you for organising a most Splendid and Enjoyable afternoon! Will you be posting any photos of today's ride? Looking forward to the next Tweed Run!

Most enjoyable indeed! We will be posting photos shortly! And stay tuned for the next tweed run this fall.

tweedrunner asked: Awesome tweed run! Not too long, not to short.... Route was nice too.... When's the next one?!

We are aiming for thIs fall. Great to hear you had an awesome time!

kimmie2u asked: I thouroughly enjoyed yesterday's ride. An exhilerating work out with a chill crowd - all dressed in tweed!! My favorite part is when folks asked us, "Are you all in some cool bike club"? Awesome!!! Thanks for organizing and looking forward to the next one in the Fall!! Tally Ho!!

We are pleased to hear about your enjoyment! Tally ho!